Webinar Recording ​with Florian Wilhelm from LGB Lehrgerüstbau GmbH

'Hidden' Hightech for the bridge building process

In this webinar recording we talk with DI Florian Wilhelm, CEO of LGB about the challenges, needs and expectations on a software package for their services.



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Austria based LGB is working internationally in the bridge industry as bridge builder and designs and supplies all the temporary works from travellers and formwork, to scaffolding and launching systems.

LGB is not designing the structure itself, but deals with questions like:
  • How do we build this structure?
  • Which methodology is the best for the local situation and available parts?
  • What kind of optimisation possibilities do we have?
  • And what does all that mean for the construction sequence?
It is obvious that a lot of special knowhow is needed to erect the structure under the given circumstances efficiently, fast, reliable and sustainably.
DI Florian Wilhelm explains the technical challenges and software application based on current projects LGB is working on in various countries. 
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Florian Wilhelm
CEO Lehrgerüstbau GmbH


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Georg Pircher M. Eng

Director International Business Development


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