Special Christmas Webinar Recording:
8 SOFiSTiK features / workflows you should know - Part I (english)

At the end of the SOFiSTiK webinar year 2020 a special "Christmas Edition": in two webinar parts - one in German and one in English - 8 different presenters will introduce special SOFiSTiK functions and workflows everybody should know.


  • Parametric Modelling & Analysis Data Generation with  Rhino/Grasshopper/SOFiSTiK (Andrés v. Breymann)

We show the current status of this excellent platform for parametric modelling. There has been a lot of improvement in terms of workflow for bridges. See how to accurately model and analyse a typical precast-prestressed highway bridge. Stay curious!

  • How to use SOFiSTiK Design Elements - "Decreator" (Florian Hemetsberger)

The capability to integrate shell and beam results into beam equivalent results has been there for many years. This workflow is now completely renewed and supports all the tasks an engineer addresses for building design.

  • Create fabrication shape (IFC) with SOFiSTiK FEA (Atte Mikkonen)

Session for Bridge engineers from Bridge engineers! Interfacing with other platforms where they are best is an essential part of the SOFiSTiK philosophy. We show how SOFiSTiK model geometry can be brought into a format which is easy to share within different BIM platforms. Practical applications, in addition to physical model sharing, are such as reference geometry for steel structure fabrication shape and deformed geometry for geometry control at site All that is shown in small and on a practical example.

  • Smart Data Exchange using SOFiSTiK Excel Interface (Florian Hemetsberger)

We frequently get the request to give easy access to our database results. That is because engineers often wish to do their own, personalized post-processing and design based on our analysis results. Here we show you an easy and fast way to export your data and what the output looks like. 


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