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SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler

From 3D Bridge Model to Shop Drawings in Autodesk® Revit®


Creating 3D bridge models in Autodesk Revit is not an easy task. Even with Dynamo, maintaining the scripts and explaining them to your colleagues is challenging.

The SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler plugin supports you and your team in building 3D bridge models fully parametric with an easy to use graphical user interface.

Besides a quick introduction in generating the 3D bridge model, you will learn about how to create drawings with the shop drawing commands of the SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler plugin.


  • Generate the 3D bridge model.
  • Create annotations, views and schedules.
  • Frame a sheet.
  • Export the drawing as a DWG-file.


Your Speakers:

guido JBI
Guido Altersberger, SOFiSTiK UK Jakub Bielski, SOFiSTiK AG
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Webinar Recording